Month: February 2019

Financial Organization Can Help You Manage Your Company | Payday Loans

      According to Sebrae, the mortality rate of small and medium-sized enterprises in Brazil is more than 40%. These are data that consider the first 2 years after the opening of the firm. A significant part of the bankruptcies is due to the lack of financial organization and the poor management of the […]

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How to Increase Revenue by Borrowing Credit the Right Way?

  Whether as working capital to leverage the business or as an alternative to repay small debts, it is common that, at some point, a company managers see the need to increase revenue by applying for a loan. Among so many doubts that may arise at this time, one of the most common is: how […]

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What is Profit and How to Calculate Correctly?

  Profit in business is the great dream of any entrepreneur who is starting. That’s because when that financial return finally happens, it means that the company is thriving and will have real chances of surviving and growing healthily in the market. has examples Knowing what profit is and how to calculate it is […]

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